Free paper 1 Dermatosurgery Hall D Day 1 11:-12:00
1 Akshi Bansal ABS-0046 A comparative study of Non Cultured Epidermal Cell Suspension versus Non Cultured Follicular Cell Suspension in cases of stable vitiligo
2 Dr.Divya Gorur K ABS-0053 Complications of flap surgery, how to avoid and manage them.
3 Balaji A P ABS-0217 Vitiligo Surgeries Of Lips - A Reappraisal
5 Dr Jyoti Gupta ABS-0159 To study and compare scalp, beard and chest hair in a hair restoration procedure
6 Aniketh Venkataram ABS-0277 Comparison of Polydioxaone(PDS) and Polyglactin(PGA) sutures for follicular unit transplantation- Achieving the ideal scar
7 Dr Manas Ranjan Puhan ABS-0253 Plastic tube insertion technique for ingrown nails: redefined
8 Dr Nitin G Barde ABS-0491 Autologous Fat transfer – A Study of 14 cases
Free paper 2 - Hall D Day1 15:30-16:30
1 Dr Nagesh T S ABS-0352 Topical steroid awareness and abuse: A prospective study among dermatology outpatients
2 Dr Vinay N ABS-0284 Melasma Quality of Life (MELASQOL) – Pre and post chemical peel in Melasma
3 SUSHMITHA JAYAPRASAD ABS-0139 Psychiatric Screening of Patients seeking Aesthetic Procedures: A Prospective study
4 Dr. Kirti P Katwe ABS-0142 KAP(knowledge, attitude and practice) study on body hair removal practices among female undergraduate students of a medical college
5 Sweta Subhadarshani ABS-0222 Clinical patterns of contact dermatitis due to cosmetics in Indian patients.
6 Dr. Vivek Kumar Dey ABS-0273 Assessment of knowledge, behavior and attitude towards sun exposure and photoprotection among Indian patients attending dermatology clinic.
7 Dr. Prachi ABS-0164 Investigative profile of patients with resistant acne: a retrospective study
8 Dr Talat Fatima   Assesment of direct and hidden cost of treatment of dermatological diseases and procedure:an hospital based study
Free paper 3 Hall D Day 2 12:00-13:15
1 Dr. Shubhangini Sharma ABS-0232 Platelet-rich membrane & its advantage in healing of facial injuries Mis 1 Trichology
2 Mahesh Unni ABS-0354 Many modalilites for xanthelasma Treatment. Misc 2 Dermatosurgery
3 Dr. Suruchi Garg ABS-0056 Outcome of Intra‑operative Injected Platelet‑Rich Plasma Therapy During Follicular Unit ExtractionHair Transplant: A Prospective Randomized Study in Forty Patients Misc 3 Trichology
4 DR USHA NARAINDAS KHEMANI ABS-0022 TATTOOS ARE BEAUTIFUL , REACTIONS ARE UGLY. High-frequency ultrasound imaging of tattoo reactions with histopathology as a comparative method Misc 4 Miscellaneous
5 Dr K H SATYANARAYANA RAO ABS-0423 Ethics and Aesthetics - can they be Partners in Practice Misc 5 Ethics and medicolegal issues
6 Dr Sujit Shanshanwal ABS-0080 Superiority of dutasteride over finasteride in hair regrowth and reversal of miniaturization in men with androgenetic alopecia – a randomized controlled study misce 6 Trichology
7 Dr. Amina Asfiya M Iqbal ABS-0366 Autologous Platelet Rich Fibrin in the treatment of chronic non healing leg ulcers - A study of 30 cases Misce 7 Dermatosurgery
8 Dr. Amit Shivaji Kerure ABS-0502 Micropigmentation: A versatile tool for Dermatologist Misce 8 Dermatosurgery
9 Sujala S Aradhya    Dermatoscopic evaluation for correct diagnosis of melasma - a cross-sectional study     
10 Yugandar   A Comparative study of Fractional CO2 Laser with autologous PRP vs. Microneedle RF with autologous PRP in facial acne scars     
Free paper 4 Hall D Day 2 16:30-17:30
1 Harshavardhan Gowda H ABS-0172 Comparitive study of Oral Tranexemic acid versus intradermal Tranexemic acid in Treatment of Melasma aes 1 Therapeutics
2 Dr.Rinky Kapoor ABS-0407 Chemical peels in difficult indications …in pigmented skin types aes 2 Peels
4 Dr. Gaurav Dash ABS-0427 Treatment Of Androgenetic Alopecia: Platelet Rich Plasma & Topical Minoxidil V/S Platelet Rich Plasma Alone V/S Minoxidil Alone aes 4 Therapeutics
5 DR.CH.DEEPTHI PRASAD ABS-0285 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and Polydioxanone Monothreads in Skin Tightening and Facial lift --- Our Experience aes 5 Other Aesthetic treatments
6 Dr.Vijay .L.Aswani ABS-0130 Aquafilling -A novel technique for face and breast augmentation aes 7 Injectables
7 Byregowda T  ABS 182 Innovative technique for intralesional cryo in keloids  
8 DR ISMAIL SHAIKH  ABS-0453 Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: A Novel Approach . aes 8 Injectables
Free paper 5 Hall D Day 3 12:00-13:15
1 Vivek Mehta ABS-0180 Whats New in body contouring? High Intensity Focused Ultrasound with Surface cooling for Non-Surgical Subcutaneous Fat Reduction laser 4 Laser and light based Devices
2  Sushmitha.J ABS-0228 Sequential combination of Fractional Carbon-dioxide and Q-switched Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet(Nd:YAG) lasers for a faster tattoo removal: A unique spilt tattoo prospective study laser 1 Laser and light based Devices
3 KAVYA K ABS-0048 A comparitive study of 30% Trichloro acetic acid chemical peel with Q switched Nd-YAG laser 1064nm in the treatment of macular amyloidosis. laser 2 Laser and light based Devices
4 Chaithra Shenoy ABS-0167 Treatment of facial erythema with Q switched 595nm Nd:YAG Laser: Study of 30 cases laser 3 Laser and light based Devices
5 Sindhu Yelamali ABS-0298 Comparative split face study of the efficacy and safety of Diode laser and long pulse Nd: YAG laser in the treatment of Indian female patients with excessive facial hair growth laser 5 Laser and light based Devices
6 Dr.Rinky Kapoor ABS-0410 The Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser for skin rejuvenation in pigmented skin - A clinical trial of 4000 patients laser 6 Laser and light based Devices
7 Priti Karde ABS-0457 Maximizing use of lasers by combining Fractional CO2 laser and Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser (1064nm) for various indications laser 7 Laser and light based Devices
8 Dhananjay Chavan ABS-0148 Trichostasis Spinulosa : Diode Laser to Clear the Dots. laser 8 Laser and light based Devices
9 Zeenat Meraj    CO2 Laser ablation of Condylomata accuminata in Pregnancy    
Free paper 6 Hall D Day 3 16:00-17:30
1 Anagha Ramesh Babu ABS-0054 Platelet rich plasma therapy for atrophic scars other than acne scars – a cost effective and simple outpatient aesthetic procedure.    
2  S G Parasramani ABS-0057 Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser to treat hyperpigmentary skin disorders in the indian skin.    
3 Harshit Ranpara Innovation in hair transplantation  
4 Pushpa K R ABS-0079 Histopathological assessment of donor area in patients with androgenetic alopecia undergoing hair transplantation Dermatosurgery  
5 Shruthi.C ABS-0097 Aesthetic outcome of combination of Follicular unit extraction technique of hair transplantation and Micropigmentation versus Follicular unit extraction technique alone in treatment of cicatricial alopecias – A comparative study. Dermatosurgery  
6 Teena Ramesh Mathanda ABS-0214 Chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS) versus CO2 LASER pinpoint irradiation for the treatment of ice pick acne scars Other Aesthetic treatments  
7 Urmila Nischal ABS-0255 Exploring Fractionated Microneedle Radiofrequency technology for novel indications    
8 ANUP DHIR ABS-0365 Nanofat grafting for the treatment of scars    
9 Shivi Nijhawan ABS-0380 A comparative analysis of PRP and Microneedling as compared to PRP and micro needling alone , in the management of Acne scars    
10 Pavan Raj R ABS-0122 Non invasive assessment of donor area in patients with androgenetic alopecia undergoing hair transplantation by digital imaging technique